Broner to fight on Mayweather undercard 3rd of May

So disappointingly Broner may not get the immediate rematch he has been chasing since his defeat to Marcos Maidana. It seems Maidana is 99% sure to be facing Broner’s ‘big brother’ Floyd Mayweather on the 3rd of May. It now seems Broner may be interested in one of Floyd’s earlier suggestions that he fight on the undercard of ‘Big Bro’ on the 3rd of May.

Broner not concerned by Maidana using Ariza

Adrien Broner doesn’t seem to be overly concerned with his December 14th opponent using Alex Ariza as his strength and conditioning coach. In the past Ariza has been victim of allegations that his clients may be taking steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Broner alluded to this slightly when he said the following:

I don’t care. He gonna be taking that needle. We gonna see what’s in his blood, so we don’t care who’s in his corner.

It must be said that Alex Ariza has never actually been implicated in any ped usage within the sport but his close association with Manny Pacquaio and the sometimes high level of apparent conditioning for his boxers has raised eyebrows.

Broner sex taped leaked by Broner himself?

Apparently Adrien Broner has released a sex tape of himself featuring two strippers. As being reported by Mediatakeout the video features Broner having intercourse with the two females.

From the video, it’s unclear as to whether the man in the video is actually Broner but the video was supposedly leaked by the man himself.

Broner vs Maidana official

After months of speculation and a more than a few crossed words Adrien Broner and Marcos Maidana have been confirmed as opponents on December the 14th.

The bout will take place at the MGM Grand Gardens and will feature the return of Victor Ortiz most famous for being knocked out by Mayweather.

Khan interested Broner clash

Amir Khan who hasn’t been afraid to drop top boxers names previously has stated he wouldn’t mind taking on Adrien Broner himself. Amazingly Khan managed to stop talking about a big money clash with Mayweather to say the following:

“I’d love to fight Broner. I think it would be a great fight. He has to get past Maidana, which is a tough task for him…the winner of that fight could be a possibility as well.”

Khan seems content to focus on any other boxer than Devon Alexander who he has a tough battle with coming up very soon.

Maidana says f*** broner after pushing match in vegas

Things seem to heating heating nicely between Adrien Broner and Marcos Maidana. Apparently last week in Las Vegas the two nearly came to blows when they bumped into one another. Here is what Broner had to say in typical Broner style.

“That motherfucker don’t speak English. I don’t know what he said. It is what it is, this is boxing. This shit is real,”

From Maidana a play to cool things down a little before dropping the f bomb on Broner.

“I wasn’t planning to be violent or anything. I went to approach Richard Schaefer to say hello and he said something and he disrespected me, and we started pushing each other. That was all. I don’t want to make a big deal or a scandal,” Maidana said. “We met Broner before when I fought Devon Alexander in St. Louis. We said hello that time and that’s it. But now that we’re fighting, all I can say is fuck Broner.”

Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana

Various news outlets are reporting that Broner’s next opponent is 99% likely to be big hitting Argentinian Marco Maidana. The proposed date for the bout is the 14th of December. The PPV potential of this match up is obvious but due to a slew of other PPV attractions over the coming winter months it is unsure as to whether this one will make it. Broner is quoted as saying that his fight after next will be PPV only.

Broner has been captured on a video a few times in the run up to the Mayweather/Canelo clash  talking about Maidana saying ‘Just show up’ amongst other typically  confident statments.

Whilst Maidana does present some danger, in terms of quality he doesn’t offer a great deal more than Paulie Malignaggi. He’s certainly more dangerous punching wise but should present a easier nights work for Broner than Malignaggi.